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19 August, 2021
1pm - 2pm GMT



For decades, employment screening has been prescriptive, inflexible, and wildly inconsistent across industries. This webinar explored how this may be coming to an end.

In the past year, remote hiring has become a necessity for many - as industry and government adapt to this new reality, how do we ensure that it is done securely and as accurately as (or more than) in-person verification. What are the standards and controls that need to be in place should the temporary requirements become permanent?

With the gig economy, a hirer-led market and the strength of the contractor market, candidates are going through more screening processes than ever before. Can blockchain solve this issue? Join us as we discuss innovation in the screening industry.

When a candidate can assert their identity and their right to work digitally, we must wonder: why can't they assert what they have achieved? Will the internet of credentials allow a fully flexible labour market?