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30 March, 2023
6pm - 8pm GMT


TusPark, 27 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5JE

Derek Graham
Derek Graham
Job Title
Principal Developer

About this event

In today's rapidly changing web development landscape, testing is becoming increasingly important to ensure your applications are bug-free and meet user expectations.  

Join Reed and our guest speaker Derek Graham, Principal Developer at Sage, as we explore the benefits of using Cypress software to test full web applications and React components. 

During this free face-to-face meetup, in association with Google Developer Groups, at TusPark in Newcastle, Derek will cover the basics of Cypress, including its features, setup, and API, as well as advanced topics such as integration with other testing frameworks, end-to-end testing, and testing with React. 

Whether you're new to testing or have experience with other testing tools, you'll come away with a deeper understanding of how Cypress can help you maximise your test coverage and ensure the quality of your applications. 

What we'll be doing:

  • Introduction to Cypress and its benefits for testing full web applications and React components

  • Understanding of how to set up and use Cypress for testing

  • In-depth knowledge of Cypress API and advanced topics such as integration with other testing frameworks and end-to-end testing

  • Strategies for maximizing test coverage and ensuring the quality of your applications

  • Real-world examples and case studies of successful Cypress testing

As a Tech on the Tyne event, this meetup has been designed to familiarise you with the latest tech, providing a ‘hands on’ experience. 

More about Derek Graham, Principal Developer, Sage

Derek is a Principal Software Developer working for a business software company in the North East of England.
He co-organises NE Bytes, a monthly .Net community get-together hosted in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, while he is also an extreme programmer, an infrequent sketchnoter, a collector of programming languages, a speaker, an ensemble programmer, and a test-driven developer.

He is a second year mentor for the "We Think Code" non-profit and a STEM ambassador specialising in micro:bit hackery.
David's main areas of interest are in using agile methods to help improve shipping, test-driven development, unit testing, continuous and deliberate learning, visual thinking, design and code.

More about Tech on the Tyne

Tech on the Tyne is a free software development event run by Reed Technology for those who are looking to get ‘hands on’ with the latest technologies.

By using a kata format – a structured learning routine – you’ll discover exciting technologies to get your teeth into. All you need to do is bring your laptop.

The introduction to the new tech is provided by the best developers in the area. Remaining language agnostic, so you can interact with the tech however you develop, we offer a fair and open opportunity for those of all skill sets to experience something new, brush up your knowledge, or even discover a new approach from fellow learners.

This isn't designed to be a super serious, heads down event. The flow is loose, and collaboration is encouraged. As long as you feel you've gained new knowledge, we're happy. 

This is an interactive event, so please remember to bring your laptop. Refreshments are provided.

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