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Learning to adapt to working from home can be challenging if you have never done it before. Where should you start? What should you be doing? When should you be doing it?

Many lecturers across the country will be setting work for students to complete remotely. But how can you make home learning more effective for your students?

This guide full of practical advice for teachers in further education and lecturers will explore:

  • How to set up your workspace

  • How to plan your day

  • The value of continuing professional development

  • Conducting live video lessons

  • Setting up remote learning for students

  • Communicating with the college, students, and co-workers

  • Creating engaging lesson plans

We also will provide you with a list of useful tools and resources to help you work remotely.

Remember: always make sure you stay in touch with your college or education establishment. It is your best source of support and guidance during this time and can help if you are struggling or have any questions on online classroom control.

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