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Many teachers have never worked from home before, so suddenly having to work remotely can be a challenge. Where should you start? What should you be doing? When should you be doing it?

This guide gives you advice and tips on how to:

  • Set up your workspace

  • Schedule your day

  • Use your time to learn new skills

  • Teach live video lessons

  • Set remote learning tasks

  • Communicate effectively with your school and parents

  • Create engaging lesson plans

Our practical advice for teachers also provides you with useful tools and resources to help manage your workload, remain productive, and create interactive lessons while working from home.

Take the time to check in on your work friends too – reach out, have a phone call or video chat. It is easy to feel isolated when teaching from home, so keep in touch when possible to keep spirits high and share resources.

By downloading this guide, you will learn how to continue to provide engaging live lessons remotely while using your time effectively to develop your own skills.