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Temporary employment, whether that is part-time, fixed-term, interim or as a contractor, suffers from negative connotations.

However, the assumption that temporary work is second-class employment, only done by people who are unable to get a permanent job, could not be further from the truth.

There are a myriad of reasons why workers choose temporary roles, and while there are certainly a number of people who do use it as a stepping stone to a permanent position, other advantages like increased flexibility are also a huge factor.

We asked 5,000 workers why they have chosen temporary employment and this guide sets out the key reasons for working on a temporary basis. These include:

  • Flexible working for a better work-life balance

  • Getting your foot in the door of your ideal industry

  • Building experience in different sectors

  • Filling a career gap

  • The option to ‘try before you buy’

  • Potential for higher pay

Employers are reluctant to take a risk on someone whose skills or experience do not quite match the role specification for permanent jobs. However, they are more willing to offer candidates a chance with temporary roles, creating opportunities for workers who want to build sector-specific experience.

If you are considering temporary employment and want to understand how this type of work can benefit you, this guide gives a comprehensive view of all the top reasons to choose temporary work and dispels some of the misconceptions you may have.