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According to the Department for Education, around 19% of 16-to-19-year-olds and 16% of 19-to-24-year-olds in UK further education colleges have a self-declared learning difficulty or disability – and the majority receive SEND support.

This leaves the sector crying out for learning support staff to assist students.
By downloading and reading this guide you will:

  • Understand what a learning support position consists of

  • Crystalise why you might consider a career in this sector

  • Be given useful tips to get your first role within a college setting

Watch our video with Adeela Sajawal, Learning Support Officer at Oldham College to find out her motivation for taking up the role:

Not only is every day different due to the varied nature of the role, but it is an incredibly rewarding job. By working in further education, you are given the opportunity to shape, inspire and educate the younger generation, guiding them into their future career, while helping them navigate life after college, whether that be in an apprenticeship, at university, or the world of work.

Our free guide covers:

  • An introduction to learning support

  • What a learning support practitioner is and the types of roles available

  • What you could be earning working as a learning support worker

  • The responsibilities of a learning support role

  • The skills, qualifications and training needed to step into a learning support role

  • The next steps to kickstart your learning support career

Hear from Stephanie Firth, Head of Additional Learning Support at Oldham College, as she talks about the role of learning support officers at the college and why a career in the sector is so fulfilling: