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Our guide outlines the steps you should take to ensure you find the right career to help you Love Mondays again. It has been designed to give you job seeking advice, and guidance on how to present yourself in such a professional manner that employers will be hard pushed to resist offering you an interview.

From producing an eye-catching CV, to writing a cover letter which entices an employer to hear more, the following strategies will give you the best opportunity to get your foot in the door and secure your dream role.

Recruiters can be critical allies in your search for a job. In the same way that you would not buy a car without expert advice, getting support in finding a new job - something just as life-changing - boosts your chances of finding your dream role.

What’s in the guide?

By downloading this guide, you have access to advice covering the entire process of your job seeking journey, including:

  • Finding suitable jobs

  • How to write a CV

  • How to write a cover letter

  • Boosting attractiveness to employers

  • Securing your perfect role