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Are you looking for a way to make your new hire feel confident, motivated, and productive from day one? Do you want to avoid the costly consequences of high turnover, low engagement, and poor performance? If so, you need a great onboarding process that covers all the essential aspects of welcoming, training, and integrating your new employee into your organisation.

Your new employee's first day is crucial for setting the tone and expectations for their future work. That's why our eBook covers everything you need to do before they arrive, from preparing their workspace and equipment, to completing the necessary paperwork and compliance checks. It also helps you plan a warm and informative induction that introduces them to your company culture, values and goals, as well as their team members and key contacts.

But onboarding doesn't end after the first day. This guide shows you how to create a structured and personalised onboarding plan that covers the first two weeks and beyond. You'll learn how to provide ongoing feedback, coaching and support, as well as how to organise fun and engaging team building activities that foster collaboration and trust.

By following our proven onboarding best practices, you'll ensure that your new employee is happy, productive and loyal to your organisation.

What's inside the guide?

Here's a summary of what you'll find in this valuable resource:

  • How to prepare for your new employee's arrival

  • Onboarding admin checklist

  • Setting up your new employee's workspace and equipment

  • How to share important company information

  • Making your new employee feel welcome and valued

Employee onboarding plans

  • How to plan a successful first day

  • Planning a productive second day

  • How to structure the rest of the first week

  • Planning the second week of onboarding

  • Fun and effective team building activities

  • Ongoing induction and support

Download the free guide today.