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A great onboarding process will increase worker satisfaction, reduce attrition and enable faster productivity. Get it right and your employee will hit the ground running, get it wrong and your new starter could miss vital information that will help them succeed in their new role.

Reed has assisted organisations with the seamless onboarding of candidates since 1960. While your recruitment specialist will offer you any advice and guidance you need. Step by step, this eBook explores how you can successfully onboard employees and the benefits of doing so.

Your new starter’s first day should include an induction into the company, and introductions to the team and other key employees who they will be working closely with. Your overall objective is to make them feel welcome from the start.

What’s inside the guide?

Here’s a breakdown of the steps covered in this handy guide:

  • What to do before your employee starts     

  • Onboarding admin checklist

  • Sorting your new employee’s workplace set-up

  • Sharing company information

  • Making employees feel welcome

Employee onboarding plans
  • First day plan

  • Second day plan

  • Rest of week one

  • Employee’s second week onboarding plan

  • Ideas for team building

  • Ongoing induction