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Finding the right talent to help your organisation thrive requires an efficient, effective recruitment process. From identifying your talent needs through to onboarding your new team members, creating an excellent experience for both your organisation and job applicants supports you in attracting the very best professionals.

Every recruitment process can be broken down into seven easy steps, with our guide covering each of them in detail:

1. Know what you need
2. Prepare the job description and person specification
3. Choose where to advertise
4. Review applications
5. Conduct interviews
6. Referencing, job offers and drawing up a contract
7. Onboard your new starter

An inefficient recruitment process means you incur the additional costs associated with extensive hiring procedures, increase the demands placed on your existing team, reduce productivity, and create a gap in skills or knowledge that is needed for projects to be completed on time and in budget.

By downloading this guide, you will increase your chances of securing the most talented professionals, as well as saving yourself time and money.