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Molly embarked on her journey with Reed in July 2023 with a fresh perspective and a passion for making a difference, she is excited to contribute to the team.

Prior to joining Reed, Molly gained valuable experience working in health and social care recruitment, specialising in housing and mental health services. Before venturing into the recruitment field, she worked as a social media customer service manager for a popular high-street fashion brand.

Molly’s career path has been shaped by her willingness to step outside her comfort zone. She believes in challenging herself and continuously seeking growth opportunities. Through this mindset, she has been able to expand her skill set and make a positive impact in the recruitment industry.

One of the aspects Molly relishes about her job is connecting with professionals who are genuinely passionate about making a difference in the community. Engaging with individuals who share a common goal of improving lives is both inspiring and rewarding to her.

Molly finds the company culture vibrant and enjoys the sense of unity and collaboration at Reed. She appreciates the emphasis on personal and professional development, as well as the opportunity to work alongside talented, positive individuals.

Molly firmly believes in the importance of providing support and assistance to those in need and, through her role, has the privilege of connecting dedicated professionals with opportunities to contribute to the betterment of society.

Molly’s journey in the recruitment industry is still in its early stages, but she brings a wealth of skills, including customer service, advertising, communication, social media management, leadership – and tenacity. Reed adds the cherry to the sundae by providing her with a supportive and dynamic environment in which to thrive.