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Joining Reed in 2013, Matt spent the first four years as a recruitment consultant, then six years in managerial positions, before starting his current role leading the scientific division.

Through the years, Matt has recruited for life science and food and FMCG roles, built teams, and strategised to ensure his teams provide the best possible service and perform to the highest possible standard.

At Reed, Matt has always been provided with opportunities to progress in line with his career expectations and has always felt supported by colleagues. Matt feels his contribution matters and feeds into the bigger picture, and as a divisional manager, has scope to shape the strategy for the entire scientific specialism. Matt attributes his current position to the long-term relationships he has built with employers and professionals over the years.

Matt is passionate about scientific research and the manufacture of food and FMCG products. Companies are increasingly moving towards more sustainable ways of working, taking into account the cost to the environment. Matt strives to meet the same goals in both his work and personal life, drawing inspiration and job satisfaction from his contribution to the standards of excellence in the industry.

With a passion for the UK scientific sector, Matt has spent years building robust partnerships with employers and professionals in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and the Midlands.