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Entering her role with no previous recruitment or human resourcing experience, but an eagerness to learn and grow, Maegan’s journey as a Candidate Care Consultant began in 2022.

Maegan’s role requires the ability to provide exceptional support and assistance to temporary workers, processing their payroll on time and looking after other financial aspects, and keeping them up to date with high standards of compliance set by law and local authorities. Her attention to detail and commitment to accuracy has earned her the trust and gratitude of countless workers.

Beyond administrative tasks, Maegan is committed to the wellbeing and success of the temporary workers she champions, and creating an environment where they feel valued and supported. She serves as a primary point of contact, offering guidance, answering queries, and resolving any issues they may face. Whether it's clarifying contractual terms or providing resources for professional development, Maegan strives to be a trusted advocate and source of support throughout each social worker’s temporary employment journey.

Maegan chose Reed because she wanted a career change and finds Reed’s QSW team to be the most supportive one she has worked with. While the role has its challenges, it’s always rewarding with great opportunities for professional development.