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Prior to starting her Reed career, Jenna supported recruitment teams with payroll and compliance, and assisted workers in their roles. On joining Reed in 2020, Jenna hit the ground running, helping to develop the candidate care consultant role during Covid, and providing support to social workers who were still out working every day.

In her time at Reed, Jenna has developed many skills including ensuring the standards of compliance our social workers are held to, and the processes of payroll and pay-related issues such as pensions and tax. Jenna has also completed a Level 2 mental health first aid course to better understand the needs of social workers and provide a greater level of support.

Jenna is now a Senior Candidate Care Consultant for the qualified social workers team, with additional duties such as feedback projects and looking at new ways to communicate with the team day-to-day. She supports the wider team in times of absences or with queries, such as payroll or pensions, advocating on their behalf for higher pay rates, or just listening when they need an ear.

For Jenna, one of the best things about working for Reed is the trust to work independently and the scope to develop your own ideas and projects to work on.

Her role offers workers an unbiased ear for any queries or challenges, and is much valued as shown by the positive feedback of our teams.