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Permanent recruitment


Insurance & financial services


  • Experienced financial specialist proved a perfect match at first interview

  • Longstanding and successful relationship with client developed over 15+ years

  • The new employee is a great fit and understands the business’ needs

The challenge

Menzies Wealth Management, a subsidiary company of accountancy firm Menzies LLP, is an independent wealth management and financial planning company, serving both private and corporate clients.

Having worked alongside Reed for a number of years, Louise Walker, the company’s Director, requested our help in finding an experienced financial planner to work across key locations including Leatherhead and Woking.

Louise stated: “The reason I came to Reed for this role was because of Nick Tagg. I've worked with him for several years and he has a very good track record in terms of finding appointments for our business. I told him we were looking for an experienced financial planner to help expand our private client advisory team.”

Nick, a Regional Manager and financial services specialist, knew he needed to find talent that matched the culture and ethos Louise strives for at Menzies Wealth Management, adding: “Having met Louise regularly and recruited for the business several times, I was aware that a thorough job brief was required.

“Louise is a renowned senior industry professional, so she was aware the candidate pool would not be a significant one, and that my task would involve a headhunting strategy. As a result, she was very realistic regarding timescales to ensure the best professional for the role was sourced.”

The solution

Given Reed’s vast experience in placing senior professionals into financial services roles, our consultants take an approach which ensures the placement is a perfect match for both the organisation and the professional.

Initially, Nick met with Louise to fully understand what she was looking for from a potential candidate and to make sure he sourced individuals who would be a good fit for the business.

He said: “The role was advertised on and on LinkedIn, while I also sent out personalised emails to prospective candidates on our database. Primarily, I engaged with my network of contacts to position the opportunity to them.

“Once I had created a shortlist of suitable candidates, around 10, and undergone pre-screening to establish fit, I met with each of them in-person. This allowed me to ensure they had a clear understanding of the role, organisation, and possessed the right technical skills and industry qualifications needed for the role.”

Nick presented Mark Williams, who subsequently secured the role of financial planner at the firm, as the most suitable candidate, with Louise adding that “given our relationship, I trusted Nick to shortlist a number of candidates and present the best suited one based on what we needed, and it worked.”

At the same time, Mark also has a longstanding relationship with Reed and lauded Nick’s effective communication.

There was always good, timely feedback from Nick throughout the application process – his communication was key. We’ve spoken a fair bit over the past few years, and he was familiar with what I would be able to deliver and effectively ‘sold me’ to Menzies as a good candidate.

Mark Williams

Financial Planner, Menzies Wealth Management

The results

Since being with Menzies Wealth Management, Mark has made a strong start, something which Louise noticed from the outset.

She said: “Mark has been a great addition to the team. He's fitted in really well and passed his probation. I feel that he is a good match for the business, and is everything that we anticipated he would be from the initial interview.”

Mark added: “It was a good recruitment process, and Nick was great at keeping communication going and maintaining the interest from both parties. It’s a great role and it’s working really well for me at Menzies.”

Having used Reed to fill previous roles, Louise continues to praise the service provided, having been satisfied and delighted with all the staff placed by Reed.

She added: “Working with Reed and Nick has been excellent – he represents what recruitment should be about. He has conducted several appointments for me and, for the most part, they're still with us today and have been excellent additions to our growing team.”

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