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Working remotely does not just mean working from your spare room – it encompasses working anywhere in the world. You can travel the world and take your work laptop with you. Or you can join a distant organisation, doing your dream job, without having to relocate or commute.

Many jobs that can be done from an office can now be done from a laptop or smartphone:

Writing and creative work

You can be a writer publishing work to your company’s website or social media pages given the right tools, skills, and internet access.

Similarly, creative only requires tools and a brand – not an office. Graphic designers and web designers, for example, only need computers to create webpages, logos, PDFs, and more. Many creatives often find inspiration by working in different environments.   

Marketing roles

Marketing is becoming increasingly digitised, with professionals always finding new ways to reach target audiences.

Administrative roles

 As the coronavirus lockdown proved, people who would normally be in an office can work effectively from home, while managers can still oversee their teams remotely. Taking calls, emailing, and scheduling can all be done digitally in organisations who have invested in the right technology.


Tutoring children and adults can easily be done online. Multilingual people can teach English or help people with their English studies, for example. You do not need to be a qualified teacher to be hired as a tutor, but it helps.  

Widespread remote working opportunities

Employers are realising that offices are not necessary anymore – large companies including Twitter have announced plans to allow their employees to work remotely ‘forever', with more  likely to follow.

Barbados has a new visa that "lets you work remotely in paradise for up to a year." So, anyone earning over £39,000 a year can relocate there temporarily and work remotely, with an additional cash incentive.

The evolution of how we work will be based on skills, not geography. The number of remote working opportunities is set to increase massively.

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