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Time is a precious commodity which you now have at your disposal. You could think about your next role, move up the career ladder, or even change careers completely.  

What tools can I use to upskill myself?

There are many free resources and platforms available online that can help you succeed – you just need to know where to look.

Blogs and vlogs

You can find a YouTube tutorial or blog for almost any industry and aspiration: science, engineering, construction, marketing, education and more.

TedTalks are a great way to listen to industry leaders for best practice, or just to hear inspiring stories to kickstart the pursuit of your aspirations.

Crash Course was started by authors and vloggers John and Hank Green to make learning easier and fun. The brothers have expanded this YouTube channel to include tutorials on science, technology, engineering, and more.

Online courses and webinars

Reed’s own YouTube channel includes tip videos and webinars on a host of subjects that could help boost your career. Our most recent webinar - From furlough to firm - may be of interest to you if you work in HR or were furloughed. has a multitude of affordable online courses for qualifications in any sector. Many of these courses are free or as low as £10 and can act as a stepping stone to a new career path.

Tutors and apps

If you are a union member, you may be eligible for professional tutorials, training, and webinars to help you upskill yourself in your time off.

Learning an extra language can make you employable indirectly, it can take you around the world and expand your world view.

Duolingo and Rosetta Stone are free apps dedicated to teaching you a language. Each have a variety of dialects including the most lucrative languages for working in the UK: French, Mandarin, Dutch, German and Arabic.

For creative training, Skillshare is a site which provides tutoring in different types of art: writing, painting, designing, photography, illustration and more.

The benefit of upskilling

Improving yourself and staying productive can be good for your mental health. For this to be most effective, it is important not to feel stressed if you are not as productive as you expect.

Learning something new will have a lasting impact on your employability and enhance your career prospects. It shows dedication to yourself and your career, something that employers will appreciate.

What do you want to do next? Figure out what your goals are and make a realistic plan to pursue them. This time off could be a gift that leads you to your dream job, or something you truly love doing.

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