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21st May, 2023

Victoria Sartain
Victoria Sartain
Job Title
Senior Content Writer

Employee benefits are an important part of any job and should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are meeting the needs of your workforce. Staff benefits can include anything from healthcare, pension plans and employee discounts to extra holiday – and some companies are reaching far beyond the standard offering in terms of quality and creativity.  

With hybrid working no longer considered a benefit by many, our ultimate guide explores a variety of popular and emerging benefits that can help reinforce your organisation’s reputation and set it apart from the competition.  

In times when a reduced number of professionals are actively seeking work owing to economic uncertainty, an eye-catching benefits package can make the difference between a signed and sealed job contract or lost potential to a competitor.    

Our eBook ‘The ultimate guide to employee benefits’, will help you explore and plan your benefits offering, and draws on our own research, as well as expert advice and insight from:   

  • Jamila Lecky, Group Reward Consultant, Mott MacDonald  

  • Roger Mason, Director of Consulting, Reed Learning  

  • Joshua Unsworth, Enterprise Client Success Manager, Reward Gateway  

Of the 5,000 people we surveyed in full-time employment last autumn to see how satisfied they were with the company they work for, and the work that they do, the following benefits were rated most attractive, respectively:  

  • Annual salary increment 

  • Four-day working week 

  • Flexi time 

  • Performance bonus  

Perhaps your organisation has also discovered this through its own research? With money and time at the forefront of workers’ minds during the cost-of-living crisis, discerning employees are bound to look more closely at benefits on offer when salaries remain fixed.

To make sure your business is up to date with the latest work perks, download our 'Ultimate guide to employee benefits' today.  

Ultimate guide to employee benefits