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20th Jan, 2022

Olivia Maguire
Olivia Maguire
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Content Marketing Lead

Here are the seven things from our guide that you may not know about salaries and benefits in the marketing and sales sector:

1. Sales roles were the sixth-most applied for roles on by the end of 2021

Interest in the sales sector has been steadily increasing over the past year and is now receiving the sixth-highest number of applications on This is largely reflected in salaries across the UK, with the average salary for sales executives increasing in eight of the 12 UK regions, including the East Midlands, London, Scotland, and the West Midlands.

2. Professionals with SEO/PPC experience are highly sought after

Organisations have been advancing their digital and performance marketing and this has led to an increased demand for marketers specialising in SEO or PPC. An SEO/PPC executive can expect an average salary of £24,000 in the North East, £26,000 in the North West, and £32,400 in London.

3. Only four regions in the UK have seen growth in salaries across the board

Over the past 12 months, salaries in marketing and sales have seen an average 2.2% decline across the UK. However, in East Anglia, the East Midlands, the South East, and Yorkshire and Humberside, there has been an increase in salaries, with the South East seeing the highest growth – at 2.2%.

4. Annual leave/paid time off is the most popular desired benefit by employees

We conducted a survey of over 500 professionals at the end of 2021 and found that the most desired benefit was paid time off/annual leave, with two-thirds of respondents finding this attractive. Health insurance was the second-most popular benefit, followed by performance bonuses, annual salary increments, and a higher-than-normal pension.

5. Employee wellbeing is highest on the agenda for most companies

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, business have realised that looking after their employees is critical. When we asked respondents what their organisation’s top priority was, the most common response (22%) was maintaining wellbeing of their employees.

6. Marketing and digital director salaries have mostly decreased or remained the same

Salaries for both marketing director and digital director roles have decreased or remained stable across the UK in 11 out of 12 areas. The only region that has seen an increase is the South East, where marketing directors can now expect an average salary of £76,200, compared to £73,900 in 2021.

7. Web designer salaries have grown across all regions

As more companies have been focused on their online presence during the Covid-19 lockdowns, we have seen salaries for web designers increase in all regions across the UK. Web designers in the East Midlands can earn an average of £31,800, with the same role netting £40,900 in London, £29,900 in Northern Ireland, and £32,500 in Wales.

For more information on salaries and benefits in the marketing and sales sector, download our free marketing and sales 2024 salary guide here.