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21st Jan, 2022

Alisha Patel
Alisha Patel
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Senior Marketing Executive

Reed’s 2022 property and construction salary guide lists salary data for the most popular roles in the industry, while also highlighting some of the key trends in the sectors.

Using these figures, we have discovered the top seven best-paid property and construction roles in the UK:

1. Head of asset management

Average salary across the UK: £65,500

The primary role of the head of asset management in the property sector is to oversee and monitor a portfolio of assets. Often, they do this on behalf of someone else or a business, and their main aim is to grow a client’s portfolio and cultivate the value of its estate.

2. Head of development

Average salary across the UK: £64,292

Heads of development in the property industry are typically responsible for the procurement and progress of new housing developments, from conception to completion. Their key duties involve management of planning issues, land acquisition, legal and financial responsibilities and liaising with contractors such as architects, builders, and the local agencies.

3. Estimator - senior

Average salary across the UK: £58,250

Estimators calculate the total costs of construction projects by considering the labour, equipment, material supplies and transport fees. A main element of the role is to negotiate with suppliers, acquire quotes from contractors and use this information to put together a forecasted cost proposal for a client that include the risks and timelines.

4. FM operations manager

Average salary across the UK: £54,558

An FM operations manager coordinates the delivery of all services within a building at both a strategic and day-to-day level to ensure it is an efficient and safe environment. Some activities that can be included are budget management, regulatory compliance, space and brand management, and quality assessments.

5. Quantity surveyor - senior

Average salary across the UK: £58,000

Quantity surveyors are often known in the construction industry as a commercial manager or construction cost consultant. They are responsible for managing the costs of a project to help ensure it is completed within budget, while keeping an eye on contractual relationships and any legal matters that arise.

6. Contract manager

Average salary across the UK: £55,750

A contract manager in the construction sector manages the contracts relating to building projects. Typically, they examine the legalities of a contract, help negotiate the terms and conditions with any stakeholders and then write up the legal documents to outline the deliverables and service agreed for a project.

7. Engineer

Average salary across the UK: £48,209

An engineer uses mathematics and scientific principles to solve problems and produce results – this often involves designing, building, and testing structures or systems. Construction engineers ensure projects are scheduled and built in accordance with the plan and specifications originally stated, coupled with ensuring that any temporary structures used in the construction are safe.

For more information on job roles in the property and construction sector, download our free 2024 salary guides now.