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6th Dec, 2023

Olivia Maguire
Olivia Maguire
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Content Marketing Lead

Today, thriving UK seaside towns are successful because of their ability to attract visitors year-round. They achieve this by carving out a unique identity, often rooted in local arts, culture, or food, which gives visitors a compelling reason to explore the area.

In these quintessential areas, the heartbeat of sustainability lies in the relationship between businesses and their local communities. The potential for job creation and the invigoration of these often-overlooked towns hinges on the support of businesses through strategic sponsorships.

Organisations hold a unique capacity to support the growth of arts and culture. Through supporting local artists, sponsoring cultural events, or even providing space for creative ventures, they can boost their brand while contributing to community growth.

A thriving arts scene fosters a sense of identity and pride, drawing both residents and visitors to partake in the unique offerings of a town. It also generates a spectrum of jobs, not just for artists but also for event managers, marketers, hospitality workers, and more. Businesses can tap into this economic potential by actively supporting and engaging with the local arts community.

Benefits for businesses in supporting local arts and culture

Here are just some of the benefits for businesses in supporting local arts and culture:

Aid community development and social impact

Local arts and culture contribute significantly to community development and social cohesion. They bring communities together, foster a sense of belonging, and make life more enjoyable. By supporting local arts, organisations can help tackle social injustices and contribute to the wellbeing of their communities.

Stimulate economic growth

The arts and culture sector contributes significantly to the economy. According to the Arts Council, in the UK, art and culture contribute £10.6 billion to the economy and bring in £850 million, through tourism, each year. And organisations can stimulate economic growth and job creation in their communities.

Enhance your company reputation

While enhancing your company’s reputation isn’t the primary goal of supporting local communities – it's a chance to give something back - it can have a positive impact on your brand, resonating well with both customers and new and existing employees.

Foster innovation and creativity

Arts and culture inspire innovation and creativity, which are key drivers of business success. Therefore, companies can build a creative environment that encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving.

Boost employee engagement

Employees are likely to take pride in working for a company that supports their local community, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Case studies

There are many businesses that have significantly contributed to the nurturing and promotion of arts and culture in seaside towns. This has not only enriched the cultural fabric of these communities but also attracted visitors and boosted local economies. The following examples highlight just some of these contributions:


BP has supported arts and cultural endeavours in several coastal areas where they have a presence. For instance, in Aberdeen, Scotland, BP sponsored the Aberdeen Art Gallery's renovation, enhancing the city's cultural infrastructure and fostering community engagement. The building went on to be winner of the 2021 Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award. As Aberdeen City Council’s flagship cultural venue, the gallery played an important role in supporting and developing the city’s social and economic recovery after the pandemic. This support has not only improved cultural offerings but also stimulated local tourism.


At its core, Reed is a family of artists and entrepreneurs and so we proactively support small business in arts. One of note recently is Other Voices, a three-day music, song, and storytelling festival in the seaside town of Dingle, in West Kerry, Ireland. Known for showcasing emerging talent, over two decades Other Voices has seen incredible performances from Paolo Nutini, Amy Winehouse, Hozier, Loyle Carner, and Sigrid, that have amassed millions of views.

On sponsoring the 2023 festival, Reed’s Chairman and CEO James Reed said: “Reed is proud and excited to partner with Other Voices, a wonderful, creative initiative. Other Voices gives emerging talent a platform and provides the very best musical entertainment from top performers in a unique and special location. I’ve been following Other Voices for over 20 years now and I love what they do, especially the way they bring people together in such an inspiring celebration of music and culture. I hope they will continue to do this for many years to come.”


Barclays has taken steps to support cultural events and festivals in coastal towns across the UK. In places like Brighton and Bournemouth, Barclays has sponsored music festivals, art exhibitions, and community events. These sponsorships have enriched the local arts scene, drawing visitors and revenue to these seaside towns.


Tesco has been involved in promoting arts and cultural development in coastal towns such as Scarborough and Weymouth. Through community grants and sponsorships, Tesco has backed initiatives like public art installations, community murals, and cultural festivals, enriching these seaside areas.

Supporting local arts and culture is not just a philanthropic act; it’s a strategic decision that can bring significant benefits to organisations, their employees, and the communities they serve.

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