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Keith Rosser, Director of Reed Screening, has worked with the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate, DBS, and Disclosure Scotland to remove red tape from the employee screening and interview process.

The new scheme enables true working from home and assists businesses during the pandemic. It means interviews, background screening, induction and working can now all happen remotely.

The scheme involves major changes to Right-to-Work and identity verification. Up until recently, this must be carried out face-to-face, and is often verified by someone who is not trained what to look for. Now, verification can take place over video with a trained professional, making the system more secure.

Changes to referencing for employees will cut the time taken to recruit, and remove the risk that references will be unobtainable due to companies either being liquidated or focusing on core activity only during the pandemic.

Keith Rosser said: “We consistently work alongside both the DBS and Disclosure Scotland, processing thousands of checks a year so we have the capacity to help with the high volume of key workers needed at this point. We have been able to fast-track a process to cut red tape and get people into work faster.”

To help play its part in combating the coronavirus, Reed Screening is also offering fast-track emergency and DBS checks to key workers, free-of-charge, to get them into roles within hours, rather than days. This includes, where needed, the 500,000 people that have already signed up to be NHS volunteers.

Rosser added: “By offering this service to all key workers and those employing key workers, we aim to lend the expertise we have in this specialist area to get much needed equipment and skills to those who need it.”

Reed Screening’s help will mean that full, safe checks can be carried out at a faster rate than usual and key workers can get to the front-line where they are needed without risk.

For more information on how the 24/7 Fast-Track service works, visit Reed Screening.