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Reed salary guide 2024

Businesses are placing increased value on the role marketing plays in their success, making marketing departments ever more crucial.

The industry focus on roles encompassing digital marketing and marketing strategy is set to continue in 2020 and beyond.

Digital skillsets remain in high demand, most notably SEO, PPC and UX/UI candidates on a permanent basis. Another growth area centres around data and analytical marketing roles, with marketing leaders and business owners seeking a truer understanding of return on investment (ROI) and campaign metrics.

New marketing channels and trends will lead to the development of new roles. Expect to see a rise in roles related to voice controlled marketing - with the majority of our activity being based around our phones, tablets and home entertainment systems, the opportunity to contact markets through this channel will continue to grow.

The UK marketing and creative industry recruitment picture

The 2020 Reed Marketing & Creative Salary Guide highlights some of the key trends in the UK business support industry over the last 12 months and looks to give insight into emerging patterns for 2021.

Using data gathered from 2.7 million jobs posted last year on, the guide provides a comprehensive picture for some of the most prominent jobs in the industry.

It looks at the sector across 12 UK regions and contains wage information on roles such as marketing director, communications manager, UX designer and marketing executive, along with many more.

Average marketing and creative industry salaries have risen by 4.6% nationally, with some intriguing regional variations.

For example, average marketing salaries in the North West have fallen by 2.4%, but have climbed by 6% in Wales and 5.9% in Northern Ireland.

The digital marketing manager position has seen healthy salary growth of 6.5% and 5.7% in the West Midlands and South West respectively, emphasising the growth in importance of digital knowledge.

Copywriters in the South East have seen their salaries increase by 8% this year, but pay for the same role in East Anglia has decreased by 3%. However, content marketing manager pay has increased throughout the UK, with particularly big rises in Scotland (9.3%), Yorkshire and the Humber (5.6%), and the East Midlands (4.1%).

Design roles have also seen significant increases in remuneration, with UX designers receiving increases of 4.6% in the North East and UI designer pay up by 6.8% in London.

Marketing salaries and benefits

In the marketing and creative sectors, offering professional as well as personal development is key to attracting the best candidates. People want to constantly better themselves in a rapidly evolving workplace - this appears to be one of the key motivators for Generation Z.

Salary is still a priority, of course, but work-life balance is continuing to dominate the needs of today’s workforce. Flexible or home working and/or an agile workspace are without doubt the most frequently asked questions from a candidate perspective.

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