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Dress to impress

It goes without saying that dress standards in the IFA industry are very smart. Suited and booted business dress is always the best way to show a future employer you are taking the interview seriously.

Generate interview questions in minutes with our interview question generator.

Know your CV

Be prepared to discuss your roles in depth. Employers want to assess your product knowledge. It’s a good opportunity to talk about any research tools you use, show your technical expertise about products and talk about any paraplanning courses or training you’ve been on.

Know why you want this role

Employers are always looking for candidates who are passionate about working for them. The best way to prepare for this is to do thorough research. Start with the company website, view the company’s LinkedIn page and google press releases so you can discuss any recent news stories. You should also talk about the job advert and what it was about the specific role that made you decide to apply.

Be prepared to sit further exams

Diploma qualified is now the bare minimum requirement for most companies.  Working towards Chartered and beyond will set you apart. In particular, we find employers are increasingly looking for those with the AF7 qualification.

Prepare for common paraplanner interview questions

While you won't know the exact questions your interviewer will ask you, there are some common questions which you should prepare for. Having some answers to the following paraplanner interview questions will put you one step ahead of other applicants:

  • What is your favourite thing about working at your current employer?

  • Tell me about one time when you improved someone else’s day.

  • What financial planning tools or other technology have you used in your previous roles?

  • What tests do you apply to ensure a piece of advice is in a client's best interests?

  • Talk me through the end to end approach you would take to formulating a financial strategy for a client.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond to make sure a job got done on time.

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