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Before you dive in, take a look at our short guide to writing the perfect offer of employment letter - the kind of drop-dead brilliant letter that will bring out the personality of your business and make your dream candidate feel as delighted as they should be:

Job offer letter template

Company name
Company address

New employee's name
New employee's address

Dear [Mr./Miss./Mrs./Ms.] [insert surname],

Congratulations are in order. We would love you to take up the role of [insert position] here at [insert company] - and very much hope you will accept the offer below.

As we mentioned, your job title will be [insert job title]. That will mean you have duties like:

  • Duty #1

  • Duty #2

  • Duty #3

The position reports to [insert name], [insert title]. Your working hours will be [insert time] - [insert time], [insert day] - [insert day] (that's [insert total hours] per week).

In return we will pay you [insert sum] each month, payable on the [insert date]. (That works out as an annual salary of [insert sum].) This is a [permanent/temporary position] starting on [insert start date] [and ending on insert date].

Holiday entitlement: [insert days] per year

Probation period: [insert date] - [insert date]

Employee benefits:

  • Benefit #1

  • Benefit #2

  • Benefit #3

If you have any questions please contact me on [insert number] or [insert email address]. Otherwise please sign and return the slip below by [insert date] and we will see you at [insert time] on [insert date] to get you settled in and go through the formal contract of employment.

The team and I can't wait to start working together. You're going to be a great addition to the company.

Yours sincerely,

[insert name], [insert position], [insert company]

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