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Are you a insurance broker underwriter or advisor, looking to build the perfect curriculum vitae? Use our template today for a free insurance CV example.

[Full Name, Title, Qualifications e.g. Cert C11, Dip C11, Cert CILA, Dip PFS, Cert PFS]
[Home address]
[Contact Number] • [Email Address]

Professional Statement

Use this section of your CV to highlight the five key bullet points that cover who you are and what you do. You should include your current job title, how long you have been in this role and what the role involves. Make sure you detail any industry specific qualifications in one of the bullet points too, and refer to yourself with relevant attributes e.g. high achiever, results driven, confident etc. It’s also a good idea to include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Insurance and Financial Services professionals are target driven and motivated to succeed, so don't forget to highlight and "sell" yourself.

Try to avoid statements such as "I work well as part of a team and on my own initiative" or "I can communicate at all levels" - the majority of CVs contain these statements. CVs that show creativity stand out – make yours specific to you.


Industry specific exams/qualifications

  • [Subject] – [Grade] • [College/School Name] • [Date M/Y– Date M/Y]

  • [Subject] – [Grade] • [College/School Name] • [Date M/Y– Date M/Y]

  • [Subject] – [Grade] • [College/School Name] • [Date M/Y– Date M/Y]


  • [Number] GCSEs, grades [range], including Maths and English

Recent Achievements

This is a great opportunity for you to highlight your biggest and most recent career successes. You should create a top five bullet point list of the things that really make you stand out, some useful examples could be:

  • Successfully managed various relationships with… Which resulted in the following contracts being awarded…

  • Migrated IT systems by working closely with operational teams…detail how the project was managed and what was achieved

  • Details of any cost saving exercises/initiatives and include the amounts saved

  • Developed a process to ensure FCA regulatory deadlines were consistently met which was…this resulted in…

Recent Employment

This should be brief and, as a general rule of thumb, focus on your last three roles, in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Highlight your key achievements, and aim to use bullet points rather than lengthy descriptions.

[Job Title], [Company Name] [Location]
[Date M/Y- Date M/Y]

Achievements and responsibilities:
  • Brief role overview

  • Work alongside [team] to produce [project]

  • Implemented [change] which resulted in [benefit]

  • Received an [award name] for [reason]

Once you have detailed your last three roles you should then list all of your remaining roles and client names but with no detail, it is still good practice to ensure a client knows all of the companies you have worked in in case they wish to you ask you further questions about any of them.

Hobbies and Interests

This section is not essential, but can be a good opportunity to reinforce your application, and show a future employer what motivates you outside of work.

Only include if you have achieved something/volunteered etc.

  • I’ve completed a marathon for [charity]

  • I negotiated my away across [country] on a budget, working as I went


References are available upon request.

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