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3rd Mar, 2020

Victoria O'Connor
Victoria O'Connor

How can you update your office and use technology to streamline your processes?

Remote working

Investing in remote working systems will benefit your workforce and attract candidates to your company. Candidates are increasingly looking for flexible and remote working options, in order to improve their work-life balance. You must facilitate this in order to stay competitive in the talent acquisition market.

It’s not just the opportunity to work at their convenience that appeals to these candidates, it’s the ability to work at their own peak times to improve productivity. Work-life balance is beneficial for mental health and has been proven to increase productivity, and revenue as a result.

Employees are far more productive when they feel they have more freedom, rather than being chained to a desk all day, every day.


Networks which connect offices across the country, or multiple countries, aid the sharing of resources among employees and expanding your pool of ideas.

Teams are far more connected than they once were, with online group chats on platforms like WhatsApp common in every office, as well as the use of conference calling with platforms such as Skype and Microsoft Teams.

Social media is a great communication tool. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram, you can communicate effectively with not only your employees, but direct to your customers too. Overall, if you are being seen to interact with your stakeholders online you can improve your brand image significantly.

Productivity apps

There are many free apps for business support professionals to utilise. These apps can streamline work processes, the likes of Trello will help you and your team to manage different aspects of collaborative work projects. Apps have also revolutionised how we plan our days, especially as compatibility has improved – for example, it’s now easy to attach a to-do list to a calendar. 

We often take pre-installed apps such as calculators, voice memos, and email for granted, but these have greatly improved productivity. They are of a high enough standard to be used in every office.

For example, marketing assistants can use smartphones at events rather than investing in expensive equipment; for tasks including photography, live streaming videos, or live blogging. Videos and other material can then be edited into high-quality assets on a phone, even as the event is ongoing.

Environmental benefits

Using and reusing mobile phones and laptops can benefit the environment. Many organisations are looking to implement greener options, to both reduce their environmental impact and save money on energy. It is an ongoing trend for many offices to aim to become completely paperless. This is made much easier with tablets and mobile software enabling teams to share resources digitally.

However, people are increasingly throwing away their tech, rather than getting it fixed. Digital waste is becoming a major concern, so providing employees with previously owned work phones and laptops is the best way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. An inquiry by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) revealed that the UK produces 24.9kg of e-waste per person, nearly 10kg more than the EU average.

As apps and digital devices improve and develop, the benefits of using them will only multiply. Opportunities to streamline tasks are already leading business support workers to be more productive.

Remote working systems and devices will save your employees time and effort. The initial investment will quickly be outweighed by improved productivity and employee morale. The return on investment will be staggering.

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