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4th Jan, 2023

Victoria Sartain
Victoria Sartain
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Senior Content Writer

If you’re looking to move roles, advance, or begin your career, the business support and administration sector has plenty to offer in terms of variety, development and career prospects.

Sales, customer service representatives, paralegals, and legal secretaries are most in demand within the sector, and we’re likely to see continued demand for these roles well into 2023.

It’s an exciting time for tech-savvy professionals looking for a career in the sector who may be using software that emerged out of necessity during the pandemic. For example, many HR teams invested in data analysis technology to gain insight into how staff were coping during the government lockdowns, and organisations across the board continue to realise the benefits of those who understand how to read and explain the data to business leaders.

The one thing all businesses have in common in the sector is their search for dynamic professionals who can add value to their organisation with their can-do attitude. This attitude may involve great people skills, cost-saving ability, organisational skills, and tech know-how.

To attract and retain the best people in what is a candidate-short labour market, most companies are upping their game plan by improving their salary and benefits packages. Roles that have seen a jump in remuneration in recent times, however, are not necessarily always going to remain so fruitful as the recession continues and employers battle with rising costs. Therefore, jobseekers currently enjoying higher-than-market-rate salaries may find it difficult to find similar-paying roles.

Salaries on the rise

The business support and administration sector has seen some encouraging salary rises in the past year, with a 15.1% increase in executive assistant average salaries this year in the East Midlands at £32,000, projected to rise to £33,600 in 2024.

Over the last 12 months executive assistant roles have seen a rise in 10 of the 12 UK regions – an indication of their importance in supporting businesses as they navigate the complex environment they currently find themselves in.

Human resources professionals are in particularly high demand with salaries having to match the expectations of these skilled workers who have been vital in business throughout the pandemic. The South East, for example, has seen a 5.2% increase in HR assistant salaries, with an average £26,300.

Operations manager roles are also seeing a steady salary growth of 4.5% nationally, as employers seek out professionals who can strategise, procure resources within a strict budget, and make other operational efficiencies without dropping standards.

Marketing roles have also soared as businesses invest in promoting themselves to stay ahead of the competition in the post-pandemic recovery. Nationally, this year, a marketing assistant salary has risen by 16.4% with an average salary of £28,400. Investing in and developing junior and emerging talent is a savvy way employers can encourage professionals to stay with them long term.

All about the benefits

Reed conducted a snap survey of 5,000 UK workers at the end of 2022. The questionnaire asked them about their current and preferred salary and benefits, their organisation’s performance and priorities, how they rated their job security and the future of their sector, and the key recruitment and skills trends they’re witnessing.

Analysing the survey results, for the most part, the benefits employers are offering match up with what workers are asking for, but there are still some areas where businesses could align their benefits packages to the wishes of employees.

With the rise of energy bills and cost of living, it is unsurprising that financial benefits such as an annual salary increment is now the most attractive benefit, with nearly a half (43%) saying this is their preferred benefit if, or when, they are looking for a job. The pressure of financial difficulties is looming and impacting how employees feel about benefits, with a performance bonus (28%) and a company pension that is higher than the required amount (27%) making the top desirable benefits list.

Get the guide

For more information on salaries and benefits in the business and administration sector, download our free salary guide. This guide will give you all the tools you need to effectively benchmark salaries against your competitors, giving you the edge when it comes to recruiting in this challenging climate.

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