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15th Sep, 2021

Ben Saddington
Ben Saddington
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Executive Practice Manager

How important are coders to business success?

Companies that invest in hiring the best software/web developers to drive innovation are going to be the ones that succeed.

No one could have predicted that the world was going to be suddenly hit by a pandemic, forcing many businesses to close their physical doors. You only need to look at the retail sector to see how businesses’ who did not invest in their websites and web developers suffered. Businesses without an online presence went from making millions a day to zero, while those who had a strong eCommerce/online presence thrived.

It’s essential that companies understand the future of their markets and look to innovate their product offering to remain competitive – and often this is where developers come in.

How to retain your top coders/developers

New versions of languages and frameworks are released regularly which developers need to make sure they can understand and use. The fast-moving nature of technology means for a developer to remain competitive in the market, and good at their job, they need to keep up to date with the latest tech. That’s why it’s important for businesses to realise the need to upskill their staff. Additionally, updating your systems to the latest versions will not only help you retain your top talent, but also give you an edge on your competitors with attracting the best coders.

How to upskill your employees

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Investing in your employees’ future is not wasted time, you may be concerned about them leaving and taking this knowledge elsewhere, but the risks of not having the skills and knowledge in your business are too great to not offer learning and development opportunities.

Career development doesn’t have to be expensive – you could consider adopting the following:

Free qualifications

Offering free qualifications is a great way to upskill your workforce, but it’s also important to support them during this time. Provide them with time off for studying and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Online courses

If you have employees who already have coding qualifications but want to remain up to date with the latest developments, offering free subscriptions to online developer courses, such as Udemy, will refresh their skills and teach them new ones that will ultimately benefit your business.

Events and networking

Encourage your staff to attend industry events and network with other professionals. This is their opportunity to share their knowledge and gain understanding of what other professionals in the industry are doing. Reed offers free webinars and meetups for tech professionals in the testing and development sector. To find out how you can register for our latest events, get in touch with one of our specialist technology consultants.


Many businesses will have their own mentoring schemes which can help professionals grow and develop their skills and knowledge.

Our Women in Technology Mentoring Programme is designed for women at any stage of their tech career. They are connected with an external male or female mentor offering tailored guidance and support, helping mentees to realise their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

The next generation of coders

Knowing how to code today is like having a degree in 1910. Software engineers make up approximately just 0.3% of the global workforce. But with coding skills being essential for business success, how can we encourage more people into the field?

Schools need to look at making coding more accessible, fun, and engaging for students. But business can also influence the next generation of developers through initiatives such as having experienced developers run workshops for students, offering competitive and enticing graduate or apprenticeship schemes, and encouraging more young females into the industry.

Another way to promote the sector, is to advertise the career opportunities and earning potential. For example, a software engineer can earn on average £72,400 in London, a mobile developer in the Midlands can earn up to £74,500, and a full stack developer can earn between £43,400 and £56,400 in the South. For more information on regional salaries, download our Reed Technology 2024 Salary Guide.

Failing to invest in professionals with coding skills will continue to create challenges for organisations, but there are also opportunities to reassess how you manage, recruit, and retain staff. Given the pace of digital change, this is only likely to increase – so it’s time for businesses to address this now.

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