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21st Jan, 2022

Christy Houghton
Christy Houghton
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With skills shortages continuing this year, employment opportunities in this sector are plentiful. Many employers are counteroffering to retain their existing staff, while searching for candidates to fill their vacancies, giving professionals greater power to negotiate. Jobseekers now have better prospects to achieve better salaries and benefits, as well as furthering their career goals.

Our salary guides provide data and insight on the most popular roles, including which ones are on the rise:


In London, the average salary for buyers has risen by 6.5%. This year, buyers can earn £40,800 on average, and up to £45,300. That figure is projected to rise even further – to £44,600 in 2023. However, the capital is known for having much higher salaries than elsewhere in the UK.

For instance, while buyers in Northern Ireland are only earning up to £31,900 this year, average salaries have increased by 8.1% over the past year. In the South West, buyers have seen their salaries rise continuously from 2020 (£30,500), to 2021 (£32,100) and 2022 (£33,200). Projections for next year also show another jump, with 2023 buyer salaries averaging £35,600. Buyers in East Anglia can also expect their annual salary to be 7.6% higher this year.

In most regions, salaries for this role have either remained stable or gone up, for example, the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside have both seen the role consistently growing annually.

Procurement analyst

After a drop in average salaries for this role between 2020 and 2021, they are now steadily increased again. Across the country, procurement analyst salaries have risen by at least 2%. In most regions, they have risen above 4% and, in a few, they have even grown by over 10%.

In London, procurement analysts will earn an average of £35,900 and a maximum of£40,300. This is an 8.1% increase on last year and the highest salary for this role anywhere in the UK.
The highest percentage increase for this role, however, is outside the capital, in the North West. The maximum salary in this region is the same as this year’s average in London for the same role, with the average salary increasing by an impressive 12.7% from last year.

Warehouse manager

Another role which where averages salaries are growing in the North West is warehouse manager, with an 8.2% increase on last year. In both London and the North West, the role experienced no movement in salary average between 2020 and 2021, but it is now growing steadily again. In London, average salaries jumped from £36,000the past two years to £45,400 in 2022.

Warehouse managers in Yorkshire and Humberside can earn 6% higher salaries on average than last year – working out at £33,700. Those in Wales are experiencing similar growth, earning up to £34,000 and the average 6.5% higher than the year before.

In the East Midlands, warehouse manager was one of the roles with the highest growth rates. Their average salary rose by 5.6% to £32,200 this year; a steady year-on-year increase, with next year’s average projection calculated as £34,500.

Operations manager

This role’s average salary has been stable or grown consistently over the last three years. In the South East, operations manager average salaries have steadily risen from £46,100 in 2020, to £47,200 in 2021 and £47,500 this year.

For those in Northern Ireland, growth slowed compared to the year before, but it was still a greater than a 2% increase. Yorkshire and Humberside, the East Midlands, the South West, and other regions saw their operations manager salaries experience steady growth this year. In Wales professionals in the role can earn between £33,400 to £54,100.

Operations managers in East Anglia can earn up to £50,600. The average in that region has grown by less than 2% this year, but projections for 2023 look set to raise average salaries to £49,400 – almost as much as this year’s maximum.

Customs clerk

This year, East Anglia saw salaries for customs clerk roles increase by 11.7% on average. These professionals now earn up to £30,000. Next year, average pay is projected to reach £31,100 in this region.

In London, salaries have steadily risen over the last three years – in 2020, the role was worth £27,800, £28,100 in 2021, and this year’s average is up to £29,000. The highest possible salary in London currently is £32,100.

This role has seen similar growth in the North West, rising from £24,100, then £25,000, to £26,700 in 2022. Those in the South East also experienced a gradual average salary increases, and they can now earn a maximum £29,100. In Wales, workers saw a 5.8% rise in their average salary. These average salary increases demonstrates the increasing importance of customs clerks.

Roles at all seniorities have gone up across the country. Our salary guides will help business leaders and professionals understand their worth, and the types of salaries, benefits and more that they should be offering and accepting.

Download our 2024 procurement and supply chain salary guide now for more data and insights.