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18th Jan, 2022

Gemma Wright
Gemma Wright
Job Title
Senior Permanents Recruitment Manager

The past two years have undoubtedly been disruptive for businesses across the UK. With the global pandemic reshaping the way firms operate and the way we work, many companies have had to respond promptly to ever-changing restrictions and new practices, keep on top of furlough and high cases of sickness, while contending with a fluctuating economic environment.

During these difficult times, professionals have played a vital role in supporting businesses to continue trading. However, as the Omicron variant steadily increases sickness rates within workforces, the pressures on team members to simultaneously fulfil their role and cover for colleagues in isolation is building.

Temporary workers can be an effective way to navigate this current landscape and meet your short-term requirements, swiftly. According to Statista, there were estimated to be just over 1.68 million temporary workers in the UK as of October 2021, compared with just over 1.45 million in January 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic arrived.

With temporary roles on the rise over the past year, here are five main reasons why hiring temporary professionals during Covid-19 can benefit both your employees and business.

1. Flexibility

The most recognised benefit for temporary workers is the flexibility they can provide. Incorporating temporary employees into your workforce allows you to scale up or down your teams with ease, depending on the needs of your business, such as an increase in employee sickness and annual leave or to alleviate stress during peak business periods when you simply need an extra pair of hands.

2. Cost and time-efficient

The process of hiring temporary employees is much faster than a permanent hire. Reputable recruitment agencies will have a pool of skilled, high-quality workers that have already been through the necessary screening checks and are therefore ready to work immediately. Additionally, you’ll avoid having to wait for notice periods and interviews as you should be hiring for a specific skill, rather than long-term cultural fit.

Temporary employees also help your business to save money, as they don’t require the same costs as a permanent employee would, such as benefits, fixed annual salary, pension contribution and additional training.

3. Provides a skillset

If a team or project is lacking a certain set of experience and skills or Covid-19 has encouraged your business to expand its offering, utilising temporary employees is a great way to fill the specialist skill gaps efficiently.

Many temporary workers bring their own set of unique skills and are accustomed to working on ad-hoc projects, allowing them to perform quickly, create results and avoid you having to train current staff to take on additional duties.

4. Try before you buy

Often when hiring a candidate, businesses go through a lengthy, time-consuming process, to sometimes end up realising the employee fit is not right, ultimately costing the firm money. However, temporary employees can give you a trial period to assess if the professional is the right cultural fit and possess all the skills and attributes needed for a role, without having to commit financially. Likewise, it gives the professional time to assess if the company is the right fit for them too, allowing for better longevity with new hires.

5. Boosts morale and productivity

Covid-19 has increased the strain on many workers across the country, as they adjust to new working environments and increased workloads due to the rise in sickness absences and shrinking workforce. By onboarding temporary workers, full-time employees gain much-needed support and can delegate their tasks - spreading the burden.

Temporary workers can also provide your business with new ideas and energy, which may be vital after a difficult two years, which can ultimately boost morale and productivity, while helping avoid burnout.

Running a successful business during a global pandemic continues to be challenge. However, investing in qualified temporary workers can support your business in its quest for growth, while easing the stress placed upon current employees and helping you manage company costs.

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