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A fifth (22%) of finance professionals are opting for multiple jobs and the flexibility of temporary contracts in order to improve their CVs and solidify future career opportunities, according to research released today (Tuesday 17 December 2019).

The research, carried out by recruitment experts Reed Specialist Recruitment asked 5,000 UK employees about their experience of, and attitude to, temporary and contract working.

Of the sample of 5,000, 500 respondents were from the finance, accountancy and banking sectors.

The survey found that, in addition to 22% of finance workers holding down more than one temporary role, 12% admitted to undertaking four or more temporary jobs within the sector - the highest percentage across all industries.

The outlook for temporary work in the sector was positive, with 38% of those asked saying it helped to provide valuable work experience in order to improve the status of their CV, as well as strengthen future employment opportunities.

Other benefits of temporary recruitment highlighted by the research include access to a variety of work (38%), increased work-life balance (33%), the chance to try new challenges (29%), the ability to see family more (27%) and an increased hourly rate (26%).

Despite the positives, more than half (54%) of those asked identified that they preferred the security of a permanent role, and almost half (48%) said they liked benefits such as sick pay and pensions which are part of permanent employment.

John Forword, Reed Finance expert, said: “The finance sector, when compared with others, differs in its view of temporary contracts. Workers see temporary or multiple contracts as a flexible and varied means to increase the speed of their career trajectories, or as a method to increase salary.

"Their only concern is around security and benefits, however, these issues are overridden by the opportunities and benefits offered by temporary work."

“Our research clearly indicates that a significant number of finance professionals see temporary recruitment as a method to broaden their experience, gain a foothold when it comes to landing a permanent position, and access new challenges that will ultimately strengthen the appeal of their CV to future employers.

“While the financial sector may well be going through a period of change workers are boosting their CVs and undertaking a variety of work. Temporary employment is creating workers with experience invaluable to employers.”