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Research has shown that mindset can have the most significant impact on an individual’s ability to achieve their goals. By enabling your employees to understand how their thoughts influence their behaviour, you can help set them up for success.

Help your employees develop a winning mindset and achieve their goals

This stimulating and practical workshop will help your employees identify and challenge their personal values, beliefs and perceptions, and explore the impact this has on their team and the team’s success.

Through interactive exercises, learners develop an understanding of how to remove blockers and create drivers towards the successful achievement of goals.

Delivered as a one-day workshop, this course helps learners:

  • Identify and understand drivers for and barriers to success

  • Understand their personal motivators

  • Evaluate and change the way they think in order to get different results

  • Explore the challenges of a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset

  • Implement visualisation as a way to successfully achieve goals

  • Construct successful and inspirational goals with practical steps to achieve them

  • Plan for the future

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