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  • One-day course

  • Courses can be delivered at your offices, virtually, or at an external venue

  • Content can be adapted to accommodate specific messages: choose from our Standard, Tailored or Bespoke options

With home and remote working increasingly commonplace in many organisations of all sizes, many managers are finding themselves leading remote and virtual teams that can feel isolated, lacking in direction and burned out. This course is designed to help those managers adapt to these new working environments.

Learn to build engagement and productivity from a distance.

With the modern workplace no longer confined to the old concept of bricks and mortar offices, managers today require a robust set of tools and techniques to coach, motivate, and communicate across a team that may well be spread across cities and even borders.

This one-day course on leading remote and virtual teams covers the core skills that managers need to feel confident managing remote employees, along with the techniques to maximise their performance and results. Participants will learn the best practices for building and maintaining trust and connectivity, such as how to make remote employees feel like valued members of any team.

Topics covered include:

  • Meeting the challenges of remote leadership

    • Applying the seven competencies of remote leadership

    • Benchmarking against the REACH model of effective leadership practices

    • Managing boundaries

    • Accounting for time, space and culture differences

  • Creating a sense of belonging

    • Appealing to the six needs of employees

    • Building and maintaining trust

    • Creating a team spirit

  • Connected communication

    • Coaching from a distance

    • Supporting and developing teams from afar

    • Communicating using technology

  • Running a remote experience

    • The opportunity to facilitate and participate in a remote team meeting

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