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Course details

  • Courses can be delivered at your offices, virtually, or at an external venue

  • Content can be adapted to accommodate specific messages and availability: choose from our half day, full day or two-day options

  • Includes pre-course work which must be undertaken prior to course start

By developing your line managers into effective coaches, you can help set your teams up for success. Coaching conversations can help staff meet their immediate needs and longer-term aspirations by aligning the contribution of individuals to the goals and objectives of the organisation.

Instil a coaching culture throughout your organisation

This course will enable your managers to use a coaching style of management, practising active listening, asking insightful questions and providing effective feedback to help others explore their effectiveness in the workplace and how they can increase impact.

Your line managers will learn how to constructively challenge performance, with a focus on improvement and responsibility. Using the GROW model of coaching, they will be taught to structure coaching conversations and enable staff to identify appropriate solutions and actions themselves.

The full two-day programme is split into several parts:

  • The pre-course workbook, which will also be used as a Coaching Diary for practical activities to be undertaken between workshops

  • Three workshops, a one-day event plus two half day events spread over a six-week period

  • Coaching practice following each workshop with a team member and one other programme participant

Topics covered include:

  • Change, culture and coaching

  • Coaching with purpose

  • Listening and questioning skills

  • Setting performance goals

  • Being empathetic and challenging

  • Exploring the coach’s reality and options

  • Ethical issues in coaching

  • Learning review and action planning

The half day and one day courses are abridged versions of this material. On completion of the course, learners will be encouraged to practice coaching and solicit feedback to improve their skills and style.

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