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Course details

  • Two-day course

  • Suitable for a minimum of six learners

  • Course can be delivered in-company or virtually

  • Content can be adapted to accommodate specific messages: choose from our Standard, Tailored or Bespoke options

If your employee directly manages people with different responsibilities to their own, this course is perfect for them. If their role is about being responsible for the overall performance of a team but they generally perform similar tasks to their team members, they will benefit from our Introduction to Supervision and Team Leadership course.

How to achieve the best possible results to exceed all objectives

Managing others can be one of the toughest challenges your employees will face at work. This course gives a complete overview of what your managers need to know and covers both technical development and relationship skills. At the end of the course, learners will leave with a thorough understanding of what best practice is and how an effective manager behaves and motivates their team.

Topics covered in this two-day course include:

  • The purpose of a manager
    o The principles of achieving results through other people
    o How to identify and overcome the common management pitfalls
    o Understanding the multiple aspects to the management role, and getting
    the balance between them

  • Leadership and Management
    o The distinction and the relationship between management and leadership
    o How management style can impact upon an organisational climate
    o The management styles continuum and when to adapt
    o Practical management styles exercise with feedback
    o Key principles of decision making to demonstrate effective leadership

  • Effective delegation and obtaining co-operation
    o Exploring the benefits and overcoming the barriers to delegation
    o How to delegate using a planned, methodical, structured approach
    o Practical delegation exercise using a “live” task
    o Building relationships and co-operation with other departments

  • Motivational techniques
    o Identifying the need to motivate and the link to performance
    o Defining motivation and exploring motivational theory
    o Practical motivational ideas, tips and techniques

  • Managing performance
    o The importance of managing, maintaining, and driving performance
    o How to set clear, unambiguous goals
    o Exploring a structure for delivering practical feedback
    o Identifying different feedback interventions

This two-day course will give your employees a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a manager. They will have the confidence to develop and apply their own skills in line with management best practice and ultimately, contribute to organisational performance.

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