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1.0 Introduction

Reed Learning offers Level 3 to Level 7 Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development apprenticeships (L&D). Reed Learning undertakes subcontracting agreements as part of its apprenticeship offer where a subcontracting arrangement will add value to the quality of its apprenticeship delivery and operates in-line with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) apprenticeship funding rules and guidance.

Reed Learning is the main apprenticeship training provider and sub-contracts specialist training to a partner institution for the delivery of Functional Skills to provide expert provision. In this case Reed Learning retains oversight of the whole apprenticeship and maintains the relationship with each employer.

Reed Learning may also act as a subcontractor to another lead training provider for parts of the training where the lead provider retains oversight of the whole apprenticeship

2.0 Objectives

This policy governs the apprenticeship subcontracting provision within Reed Learning and applies to all ESFA funded provisions. The Apprenticeships Subcontracting Policy is a mandatory requirement for subcontracting activity and is publish on the Reed Learning website.

Reed Learning recognises that it holds full accountability for the delivery of subcontracted activity. It is the responsibility of both Reed Learning and their subcontractors to refer to the rules and guidance of the ESFA.

3.0 Implementation

Reed Learning will undertake a robust process of due diligence when selecting potential subcontractors to demonstrate value for money and to ensure the highest quality of learning delivery is made available to apprentices.

In line with the ESFA Guidance, Reed Learning will only procure the service of subcontractors who are registered on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

Reed Learning will conduct a due diligence review of its subcontractors, to ensure that the subcontracted provider continues to be able to deliver contracted services.

In accordance with the ESFA funding rules, as the lead training provider, Reed Learning will undertake a substantive portion of the delivery of any apprenticeship where a subcontracting arrangement is in place.

Quality of subcontractor’s arrangements and delivery will be monitored by:

  • Regular contract meetings between Reed Learning and it’s subcontractor.

  • Review of the subcontractor’s Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) and Self-Assessment Report (SAR).

  • Other ad hoc meetings, visits and discussions take place for general issues as they arise.

  • Regular planned and unplanned observation visits to check on the quality of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), teaching, learning, assessment and progress

  • Review of the subcontractors policies relating to apprenticeship delivery and requirements, such as Safeguarding.

Where a subcontractor permanently changes delivery staff on a programme, they should inform Reed Learning of this change immediately, and undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check as appropriate.

Declaration of use of sub-contractors

In line with the ESFA funding rules, Reed Learning will submit a subcontractor use declaration to ESFA at least twice each year summarising the value of any sub-contracted provision paid for in the previous period.

4.0 Payment terms

Reed Learning will pay all ESFA funding received to the subcontractor for the delivery of functional skills qualifications. The payment terms is 30 days upon invoice date.

Reed Learning’s Subcontracting Policy is reviewed and updated annually.