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  • Two-day course

  • Courses can be delivered at your offices, virtually, or at an external venue

  • Content can be adapted to accommodate specific messages: choose from our Standard, Tailored or Bespoke options

This two-day course in effective interviewing skills is designed for anyone who is involved with the recruitment process within your organisation. It will especially benefit managers who are recruiting staff into their own teams, helping them optimise the recruitment process and select the right staff members.

Teach your staff to spot the right individuals for the right roles

Businesses can often fall into the trap of panic recruiting, taking the best of a mediocre bunch just to fulfil a need. If your organisation is experiencing high staff turnover, is failing to find the right staff, or is constantly hiring the wrong ones, then this training course will benefit those at the heart of your recruitment process.

By attending this training course, recruitment heads will learn that matching the right person to the right role is vital. They’ll be taught how to spot the right individuals for their team in order to improve retention rate and performance.

Participants on this course will learn how to design and implement an effective interviewing and selection process, with refined job profiles for more targeted searches. They’ll gain an understanding of the up-to-date guidelines and protocols to ensure the interview process is legally compliant, and gain the techniques to communicate effectively in interviews, garnering all the information they need to make the best decisions.

Topics covered include:

  • Clearly define required competencies

  • Use and create person specifications

  • Make shortlists work effectively

  • Work with a clear structure to manage timings

  • Build a relaxed atmosphere to improve communication flow

  • Use different selection techniques for different roles

  • Questioning techniques

  • Active listening

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Learning from others’ mistakes

  • Current legislation

  • Avoiding the ‘halo’ and ‘horns’ effect

  • Balance emotional reactions

This course can accompany the two-day workshop on Recruitment and Selection to provide your hiring managers with a well-rounded recruitment strategy.

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