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Everything you need for effective apprenticeships

A lot goes into launching a successful apprenticeship programme, which can take a lot of time away from other important tasks.

We can help you design and implement an apprenticeship programme that meets the needs of your organisation. We’ll also make sure the apprentices you recruit are right for your programme with our apprentice diagnostic process.

Not sure what an apprenticeship is?

Apprenticeships are a great way for your employees to earn an industry-standard qualification while learning on the job. Partly funded by the government, apprentices spend six hours a week working towards a qualification and the rest of the time on the job.

We provide a range of HR apprenticeship programmes as well as apprenticeships in Accounting, and Learning & Development.

As your apprenticeship partners we’ll:

  • Develop a high-quality apprenticeship programme

  • Support your recruitment and selection process

  • Deliver the training programme including preparation for end-point assessments

  • Select an end-point assessment provider

  • Help you secure a good return on investment (ROI)

Want to know more about the apprenticeships we offer?

Check out the pages for our HR apprenticeship as well as our accounting and L&D apprenticeships.

We’ll guide you through the entire process

Government-approved training and unrivalled support

We provide high-quality programmes mapped to the government’s apprenticeship standards. We’ll also support your line managers and apprentices throughout the programme. All our programmes include:

  • Off-the- job learning provision

  • Functional skills training

  • End Point Assessment (EPA) preparation

  • A dedicated tutor for all apprentices

They’re also delivered in line with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) requirements for monitoring and reporting.

Access to all the tools & resources you need

We work with the very best industry tutors, so you never have to worry about quality. We’ll provide you with:

  • A dedicated account manager

  • Access to an admin team

  • An easy-to-use learning environment that allows you to easily provide your apprentices with feedback

What about the apprenticeship levy?

If your organisation has an annual salary bill of over £3 million then you’re already paying into the apprenticeship levy and it’s available for you to spend on apprenticeship training in England. By working with Reed Learning you can use that pot of money to develop your most valuable asset - your workforce.

Three steps to developing a successful apprenticeship programme

Step 1 – Initiation

We’ll start by scoping the project, selecting the right apprenticeships and developing a monitoring & auditing process.

Step 2 - Design

Next, we’ll map the programme content to your requirements, agree on the programme design and confirm how we’ll measure success.

Step 3 - Launch

Your custom-made apprenticeship is ready to go. We’ll schedule your delivery dates, onboard your apprentices and deliver your programme.

Individuals, small groups or large cohorts

There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to apprenticeships. Maybe you just want to train one employee or deliver a programme to an entire team.

Whichever category you fall into, we’ll work with you to design and deliver an apprenticeship programme that produces the best outcomes for your business and your apprentices.

If you’re hiring an individual apprentice

We’ll make sure the scheme is tailored to them, whether they're just starting their career or they’re veterans in their industry. We’ll also provide them with one-to-one mentorship, so they always feel supported.

If you’re training an entire team...

But the idea of setting everything up yourself makes you want to run for cover – don’t panic. We’ll guide you through the entire process, taking some of the pressure of you and your teams.

20% off-the-job training explained

All apprentices are required to spend at least 20% of their working time on learning activities, which is an average of 6 hours a week for a full-time apprentice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean less productivity for your business.    

The truth is there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding off-the-job training, putting a barrier between employers like you and talented apprentices.

However, if you get in touch, our specialist advisers can help you navigate the legislation and come up with an apprenticeship solution that works for your business. 

Why choose Reed Learning?

As experienced, RoAPT approved apprenticeship providers, we make it easy for employers to run successful apprenticeship programmes. 

Across all Reed Learning apprenticeships we:

  • offer tailor-made solutions to suit your company’s needs

  • are government approved as members of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

  • work closely with your teams to make sure your long and short-term objectives are achieved. 

  • have a team of experts in HR apprenticeships and beyond

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