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The Challenge

To maximise opportunities presented by the National Tutoring Programme

Reed Learning, partnering with Reed Tutors, were tasked with advising leadership teams at Waterton Academy Trust on the different options presented by the National Tutoring Programme, and the various funding/subsidies available.

As part of this, we were asked to lead on the recruitment of quality tutors, matching tutors to the most appropriate school contexts, and overall coordination of tuition across the trust.

We were briefed to find high quality, reliable tutors with the right skillsets for each of the 13 academies within the trust – in a timely manner.

The brief was later expanded to include aiding schools in utilising school-led tuition grants to provide additional tuition to those students most in need across each academy.

Our experience of working with Reed has been a very positive one. Our tutoring requirements have been fully met and the company offers a plethora of added value initiatives.

The Solution

A holistic approach to secure and appropriately place candidates

Reed Tutors initially met with Waterton’s CEO Dave Dickinson, along with academy leaders to explore the different funding and subsidy options that the National Tutoring Programme presented.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we were able to advise trust leaders on how best to utilise the funding streams and ensure tuition was secured in a compliant way.

We used a holistic approach to ensure all academies and pupils benefitted from high-quality teaching, ensuring that the most appropriate candidates were placed in each school and that the funding was deployed to best effect for the trust as a whole.

In collaboration with the trust, we developed a plan to deliver structured and consistent small group tuition to Year 2 and 6 students in order to prepare them for their SATs assessments.

Reed’s comprehensive package and holistic approach to service made us the right fit for Waterton Academy Trust’s requirements.

The Results

High-quality tutoring delivered for all 13 academies within the trust

We placed our first tutors in schools less than two weeks after our initial meeting with the trust, and the programme has been running consistently since.

Tuition has been well received across the trust. Most tutors have remained in their first school since the start of tuition, and this low turnover is testament to Reed’s expertise in ensuring candidates are placed within the most appropriate school context.

The need to replace a tutor has been extremely rare, and where this has arisen, replacements have been sourced, vetted, and placed in a timely manner, ensuring minimal disruption.

Head teachers across the trust have commented on the resounding difference tuition has made to their pupils, and Waterton CEO Dave Dickinson has been just as enthusiastic about partnering with Reed Tutors, saying:

“We have employed other agencies for supply cover but not specifically for the tuition programme. Overall, Reed offer the more comprehensive package in relation to a holistic approach to service.

Tom Raven-Hill is our Reed consultant and meets our every need. The trust has a varied makeup in relation to academies and Tom caters for all their requirements in a professional and efficient manner.

Reed Tutors are employed by the trust to ensure we continue to carry out our ‘business as usual’. This is only achievable by placing quality educationalists in our classrooms and delivering quality-first teaching to our children. Reed has played a key part in our ability to continue to be able to achieve this."

  • Tutors secured for 13 academies

  • Less than 2 weeks between brief and first placements

  • Very low turnover of tutors