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The Challenge

To leverage lockdown free time by fast-tracking the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma

Phoebe Barnes had just embarked on a three-year HR graduate programme with Centrica when the first wave of Covid struck. In lockdown, Phoebe made the most of her extra spare time by setting herself the challenge of achieving her CIPD Level 7 at an accelerated pace.

She committed to a strict studying schedule, working on her CIPD qualification every weekend and at least three evenings a week after work.

Working at twice the pace of a typical CIPD candidate, Phoebe needed a flexible learning solution and access to an adviser who understood her goals – and she found just that at Reed Learning.

I’ve had a great experience and felt supported throughout by my adviser, who was very quick in turning around feedback on assignments as she understood the pace I was working at and what I wanted to achieve.

The Solution

Virtual learning and flexible support at a pace to suit candidates

With a dedicated Virtual Learning Environment and clear, helpful online resources, Phoebe was able to work at her own pace.

She was impressed by our online workshops, which she found particularly informative, and the ways our tutors went above and beyond to help her achieve her goals, even taking the time to have additional one-on-one calls to provide support.

Her adviser Louise Hill was able to rapidly turn around feedback on assignments so that Phoebe could keep up momentum throughout her studies, and ultimately achieve her qualification in record time.

The Results

CIPD Level 7 achieved in an outstanding 12-month timeframe

Thanks to her dedication and discipline, and support from Reed Learning, Phoebe astounded her adviser by achieving her qualification a whole year faster than the time allowed to complete the programme.

Since achieving her qualification, Phoebe has progressed on her graduate programme with a much better understanding of HR, more confidence in her decision making. She can now concentrate on her role as a Transformation Specialist – and make the most of her free time, now that her studies are behind her!

While not everyone will want to complete an Advanced qualification in such a short time, Phoebe’s success has demonstrated how we can deliver programmes flexibly and at a pace to suit candidates.

  • Qualification achieved in 12 months

  • Passed in just 50% of total time allowed

  • Worked at 2x the pace of a typical candidate