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Course details

  • One day course

  • Courses can be delivered at your offices, virtually, or at an external venue

  • Content can be adapted to accommodate specific messages: choose from our Standard, Tailored or Bespoke options

This one-day course in business writing will give your employees the complete toolkit to write effective business communications with confidence and style. The day includes practical exercises on planning and composing written correspondence that is grammatically correct. Attendees will share best practice techniques around conveying content, utilising punctuation and structure.

Raise professionalism through the development of written communication skills

When your employees attend this course, they can expect to gain:

o Skills to make written documents stand out from the crowd
o Confidence to structure an argument to achieve a desired outcome
o Ways to plan messages to get a point across most effectively
o How to have confidence in written work
o Ways to save time through a structured approach to document planning and creation

Topics covered in this course include:

  • How to write to meet objectives

  • Keep it short and simple: the key to success

  • Structuring letters effectively

  • Planning content to get a message across clearly

  • Standard letter layouts

  • Writing drafts and undertaking practical exercises

  • The essential building blocks of a sentence

  • Using correct punctuation

  • Email etiquette - hitting the right tone

This course covers the business etiquette appropriate to different forms of business correspondence. Your employees are encouraged to bring along examples of their written work to review, edit and analyse during the workshop.

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