Unit details

  • Core unit
  • Level 3
  • 11 credits

What will you learn

You will gain skills around effective recruitment, selection, and appointment of individuals through the assessment of employee lifecycles, including where you are placed within this. Contrasting different recruitment and selection methods will also support your application of skills that relate to contributing to effective recruitment. You will learn different recruitment and selection methods and ways of preparing material for job roles and to attract candidates. You will also shortlist candidates and participate in a selection interview and the associated follow-up actions. Understanding legislation and organisational practices is a vital part of this unit, as is the meaning of diversity and inclusion in respect of recruitment and employee relationships. Finally, you will explain factors associated with performance management and the role of appraisal.

 This unit is suitable for persons who:

  • are studying, aspiring to, or embarking on, a career in people practice

  • are working in a people practice support role and wish to develop their knowledge and deliver immediate and short-term value for their organisation

  • wish to develop the specialist knowledge, skills and understanding required to be a people professional.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the employee lifecycle and different roles within it.

  • Be able to contribute to the effective selection and appointment of individuals.

  • Know how legislation and organisational practices affect employment relationships.

  • Know the importance of performance management in motivating and retaining individuals.

  • Know the importance of reward in attracting, motivating and retaining individuals.

  • Understand how to support others to develop the skills and knowledge required to meet both individual and organisational objectives.

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