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  • Two-day course

  • Courses can be delivered at your offices, virtually, or at an external venue

  • Content can be adapted to accommodate specific messages: choose from our Standard, Tailored or Bespoke options

Studies have shown that a fear of public speaking can directly inhibit an employee's career progression, yet ‘Glossophobia’ is a common anxiety that affects more than three in four workers. This two-day Powerful Presentations course has been designed to address and combat this fear among your employees, and teach them the skills they need to deliver powerful presentations in a practical, safe environment.

Help your staff beat the dread of public speaking to deliver clear, structured
and powerful presentations.

A presentation can have many pitfalls and a lot of people feel very anxious delivering them. This course offers your employees public speaking training, showing them how to overcome their presentation worries and deliver a powerful presentation that has real impact. They will learn to see the subject from the audience’s perspective and structure content for clarity and memory retention.

Practical exercises throughout the course will help even the most nervous of speakers make real progress and see immediate results, whilst small groups enable individual coaching and insightful, supportive feedback.

Recordings of practice presentations will allow learners to analyse how to improve and see their progress, infusing them with genuine confidence and self-belief in public speaking skills.

They’ll also be taught about having a clear purpose in presentations, and a structure focused on the desired outcome, and given a checklist that will help speakers prepare well, even with limited time.

They’ll learn the skills required to handle notes and prompt cards whilst keeping the audience engaged, and understand how to control not only their body language and nerves, but also control their speech with an improved awareness of vocal capacity.

A blended learning experience will allow staff the chance to evaluate others’ presenting and learn from their colleagues’ performance, and continue to develop skills back at work.

Topics covered in this powerful presentations course include:

Planning and preparation
o Three key factors that can make anyone a successful presenter
o The importance of identifying a clear objective
o Structuring a presentation with the end result in mind
o Selecting material for quality not quantity
o What holds an audience’s attention and what sends them to sleep
o Use of notes and prompt cards
o The antidotes for pre-delivery nerves

Structuring the talk
o Introductions with impact
o Creating clear benefits for the audience
o Structuring content clearly
o Headlines, body and summary
o Using persuasive language
o Use of pauses and silence
o Closing the presentation memorably

The Delivery
o Standing and gesturing to look confident and credible
o Vocal skills to give authority and projection to the voice
o The latest paralinguistic techniques
o Pausing and emphasis to add impact
o Question and answer sessions: Handling them concisely
o Tips on using visual aids effectively
o Practice sessions: with video feedback

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