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As experienced providers of HR and L&D courses we know that not everyone is ready to commit the time and money to study for a CIPD qualification. For whatever reason, life has a habit of getting in the way causing our best laid plans to study fall by the wayside. Well, we are pleased to let you know that there is another way to gain the skills and knowledge you need to progress your career and it’s called Reed Learning PAYG!

Available at CIPD levels 5 and 7, our PAYG programmes allow you to get qualified completely on your own terms. By selecting the individual units you want to study, you are in total control of what and when you learn. Highly flexible and 100% online, you can build your expertise step by step in your own way.

Of course, PAYG units won’t give you a full CIPD qualification by themselves, but they could lead to one if you decide to move on to complete all units for the Diploma at the same level in the future. Simply bank the units you have already completed, focus on those you still need and you’ll be CIPD qualified before you know it! In the meantime, you will increase your understanding while demonstrating to employers the breadth of subjects you have studied.
PAYG is also the ideal choice if you are simply looking for a quick injection of specialist HR or L&D information. For example, you may have recently been promoted or taken on different responsibilities in a new job and need to refresh your legal know-how. A quick call to discuss your immediate requirements with one of our helpful specialist advisers culminates with your enrolment on our PAYG Level 5 Specialist Employment Law unit. Our highly personalised approach to your learning means in just a few months your new found confidence and legal competence will be highly visible for all to see. What a great way to make an impression at work!

The Latest Content

It’s worth bearing in mind that each PAYG unit is completely up-to-date having been launched by the CIPD in 2021 to include all the latest research and practices in HR and L&D. Based on the Profession Map, CIPD qualifications set the international benchmark for the people profession so rest assured the knowledge you gain will keep you ahead of the game and be recognised globally.

Brush up on Hot HR Topics

Popular new specialist units are based around such hot topics as Diversity and Inclusion and can add to your depth of knowledge as a stand-alone module even if you are already CIPD qualified. Knowing how to create an environment and practices where people can flourish is a must for every HR practitioner.

As mentioned, PAYG is available at Associate (level 5) and Advanced (level 7) in both HR and L&D. You can choose to study individual units or opt for one of our CIPD core bundles for a more comprehensive package. Either way, you can learn online at your own pace and from wherever you are based, confident in the knowledge that you will be supported by an expert personal adviser and have access to a wealth of resources throughout your studies in the usual Reed Learning way.

So, if you think our PAYG programmes are for you, here’s an overview of your learning options. Don’t forget, each individual unit at both levels is available to book if you want to build your qualification over time or simply want to increase your expertise in a specific area of HR or L&D.

To complete your full CIPD Diploma you need to complete a total of seven units.

What you can study

3 Core Units (the same for both Diplomas)
• Organisational performance and culture in practice
• Evidence-based practice
• Professional behaviours and valuing people

3 Specialist Units (vary depending on the Diploma you choose)

Associate Diploma in People Management
• Employment relationship management
• Talent management and workforce planning
• Reward for performance contribution

Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development
• Supporting self-directed and social learning
• Learning and development design to create value
• Facilitate personalised and performance focused learning

1 Additional Specialist unit (the same for both Diplomas)
• Specialist employment law
• Diversity and inclusion

Our Advanced PAYG programmes work on a similar basis to level 5 but to achieve your full Diploma you need to complete a total of eight units.

What you can study

4 Core Units (the same for both Diplomas)
• Work and working lives in a changing business environment
• People management & development strategies for performance
• Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen
• Business research in people practice

3 Specialist Units (vary depending on the Diploma you choose)

Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management
• Strategic employment relations
• Resourcing and talent management to sustain success
• Strategic reward management

Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development
• Organisational design and development
• Leadership and management development in context
• Designing learning to improve performance

1 Additional Specialist Unit
• Advanced diversity and inclusion
• Advanced employment law in practice

Next steps

There are many different options to choose from and lots to think about so the best way forward is to book a personal diagnostic call with one of expert advisers to explore your next steps. Our tutors have been supporting candidates from different career backgrounds for many years so have the experience to advise which units will suit your needs and if PAYG is right for you.