1. Hybrid work is here to stay

According to a 2021 survey by Accenture, 83% of workers prefer a mix of home and office working. 63% of high-growth companies have already adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.

2. L&D is an important priority

L&D is an important priority for UK businesses but it is being hindered by cost and a lack of resources says HR magazine. Research quoted found 68% of companies selected prefer to promote internally with L&D being an important objective for 86% of those surveyed.

3. Employee well-being is essential

Employee well-being is essential for the future of work according to Forbes. Well-being, says the article, includes emotional, financial, social and career wellness and not just physical well being.

4. Up-skilling HR is critical

HR leaders focus on the training and up-skilling of key business roles but forget about the learning and development of their own team members according to a key finding in the study: The evolving role of learning in workforce transformation. Up-skilling HR is critical to leading workforce transformation, the report recommends.

5. Data and analytics use is increasing

The CIPD’s annual review of the people profession reveals that the use of people data and analytics has increased since before the pandemic. While this rise suggests that more organisations recognise the importance of people data, the CIPD recommends that HR teams need to improve the use of the technology and remove any barriers.

6. Leadership and management training a top priority

In 2022, an online survey by Statista found that L&D practitioners considered leadership and management the most important area of workforce development.

7. Smaller chunks of learning = better

At any time, we can only remember a certain quantity of information. Trying to learn more will lead to cognitive overload according to the educational psychologist John Sweller. Smaller chunks of learning content is preferable. This is something every learning professional should remember.

8. L&D budgets are increasing

Nearly 50% of L&D practitioners expect an increase in their budgets according to a LinkedIn report on workplace learning. However, the money should be used wisely. Training teams should look to outsource some aspects in order to have more time to delve into areas that have a greater impact on business.

9. Manager and leader effectiveness is a top priority

An annual survey of more than 800 HR leaders by Gartner identified that manager and leader effectiveness is a top priority but many people professionals will also prioritise change management, employee experience, recruiting and the future of work.

10. Talent attraction and retention important in 2023

Talent attraction and retention will be more important than ever in 2023 as vacancies remain high and the number of unemployed people remains low, finds a study by Northumbria University.

Businesses that can attract and retain staff with a positive organisational culture will have the advantage. There needs to be a shift towards visible career development and progression routes. The benefits in staff retention far outweigh the cost of training or higher salaries, finds the report.