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1. Build a community

We recently shared in another post about the benefits of networking, and how this can help you in your career, but can be challenging when in a busy HR role. Joining one of our programmes is a great way to meet people professionals from a range of different organisations, across numerous industries. You’ll learn from one another, gain insights, and have fellow students cheering you on as you work through the modules.

2. Unlock a range of job opportunities

Many people have built great careers within HR without completing their CIPD qualification – after all, there’s no regulation that makes CIPD qualification a mandatory requirement to work in HR. Despite that, many (if not most) HR roles have the expectation that candidates will be CIPD qualified.

A CIPD qualification can offer you an edge in the HR job market, without doubt.

3. Prove your expertise

We all have different motivators, and our views around learning and qualifications are no exception to this. Some people like the professional recognition that CIPD gives them amongst their peers, while others are more concerned about knowing they have had the expert training to do their job well. Whichever side of this spectrum you sit on, gaining a CIPD qualification is arguably the most powerful means of achieving your goal.

4. Improve your chances for promotion

With a CIPD qualification you will demonstrate you have the underpinning knowledge and experience to be eligible for a range of senior roles. This investment in your professional development can pay off in the long run, as the higher you progress, the more likely you are to need CIPD qualification.

5. Enhance your personal brand

Enhancing your personal brand is important for any career goal you might have. Through a CIPD qualification, you will learn the skills needed to develop and promote yourself as a people professional in the workplace. You can gain knowledge of up-to-date trends, learn the importance of reputation and communication, and get the tools to ensure your professional development is headed in the right direction.

6. Develop advanced knowledge and skills

A CIPD qualification will help you to develop advanced knowledge and skills in the world of human resources. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of HR, such as recruitment, compensation, and employee relations. Additionally, you will gain valuable insight into the ever-evolving world of workplace regulations and practices.

7. Become the go-to person in the workplace

Like the idea of being the trusted expert in your workplace? With a CIPD qualification, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to offer valuable, trusted HR advice to colleagues.

What are you waiting for?

A CIPD qualification is a fantastic opportunity to boost your career and grow your network while building your knowledge in the HR and L&D arena. It can open doors to new roles and higher salaries, give you skills to build your career, increase your confidence and develop your self-awareness.