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Unit details

  • Core unit
  • Level 3
  • 5 credits

These new qualifications have been designed to respond to these evolving demands and are suitable if you are:

  • Aspiring to be an L&D practitioner,

  • Working in the field of L&D and wanting to re-assess and develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours as an L&D practitioner,

  • Working in the field of L&D and wishing to develop your understanding of organisations and the organisational context of L&D,

  • Interested in CPD to enhance and maintain your professional practice.

CIPD Foundation qualifications provide a broad range of relevant and practical knowledge and skills, incorporating latest thinking, technology and practices. The qualifications are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

Who is it for?

Our programme is ideal for anyone who wants to become a CIPD qualified L&D professional, but may be particularly beneficial if you aspire to move into an L&D role, want to keep your knowledge and skills up to date or to enhance and maintain your professional practice.


We specialise in flexible learning solutions that are tailored to your needs. The combination of elements can include workbooks, assignments, self-study, guided learning and evidence collation.

You can select from three main delivery options:

  • Workshops (active learning) – for candidates who prefer to participate in planned interactive sessions, have exposure to other learners and organisational practices. They provide an ideal learning environment to facilitate L&D interventions, practical activities, group discussion and networking opportunities. Workshops are scheduled on a regular basis.

  • Bespoke – for candidates who prefer to have a personalised programme, combining 1-to-1 meetings, directed learning and developmental exercises with minimal time away from work.

  • Distance learning – for candidates who prefer to work mainly by themselves with supported learning materials, using our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) where available, allowing individuals to work at their own pace with maximum flexibility.

Course Description

The Foundation Diploma in Learning and Development Practice consists of 38 credits.  All 6 core units (26 credits) must be completed and you must choose 2 optional units (12 credits) from the list below.

Core units:

  • Becoming an effective L&D practitioner 3BEP (4 credits) The knowledge, skills and behaviours to be effective in an L&D role and the importance of continuous professional development.

  • L&D and the organisation 3LDO (4 credits) The nature of the L&D function and how it supports the achievement of organisational objectives.

  • Identifying L&D needs 3ILN (3 credits) How L&D needs arise and why it is important to be aware of them.

  • Designing L&D activities 3DES (6 credits) The way that an inclusive L&D activity can be designed to address identified objectives.

  • Delivering L&D activities 3DEL (6 credits) Equips you with the knowledge and opportunity to prepare and deliver L&D activities.

  • Evaluating L&D activities 3ELD (3 credits) How to identify, collect and analyse information required to evaluate an L&D activity.

Optional units:

  • Using technology to facilitate learning 3TFL (6 credits) The skills to be able to deliver an online session with engaging digital content.

  • Enhancing learner engagement 3ELE (6 credits) The factors affecting learner engagement and how the latest research informs strategies to engage learners.

  • Supporting collective and social learning 3SCL (6 credits) How to facilitate collective learning and social media to harness organisational and individual learning.

  • Supporting individual learning through coaching and mentoring 3LCM (6 credits) Shows you how you can use coaching and mentoring models and techniques to support learning.

  • Assessing L&D 3ASL (6 credits) Equips you with the skills to be able to make a reliable, valid and fair assessment.

  • Organising L&D events 3LDE (6 credits) Helps you to understand how to promote and co-ordinate a learning event.

Course no longer available

Please click below for details about a suitable alternative.

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