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Unit details

  • Specialist unit
  • Level 7
  • 12 credits

The research and writing also signals many unanswered questions about current practice and this module promotes an evidence-based approach to enable the development of intellectual, social and professional skills necessary to design, apply and practise coaching and mentoring programmes and services in work organisations and their application in supporting personal and performance development.  It encourages a questioning of simplistic and prescriptive accounts of coaching and mentoring in order to develop a critical awareness and understanding of the potential and limitations of coaching and mentoring models, frameworks and associated theories.  It explores the implications for professional practice and requires learners to reflect critically on theory and practice from an ethical and professional standpoint and provides opportunities for applied learning and continuous professional development.

This module is suitable for persons who:

  • have responsibility for human resource (HR) decision making within an organisation at either operational, tactical or more strategic level

  • are HR professionals in a team or HR functional management role who are seeking to enhance and develop their career

  • have responsibilities for the HR function and activities within an organisation without a specialist function

  • are independent or employed consultants who support organisations in meeting their goals

  • have HR career and CIPD professional membership aspirations.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Critically assess a range of models and frameworks of coaching and of mentoring.

  • Demonstrate and apply an informed and critical understanding of psychological theories and concepts informing the design and use of coaching and of mentoring, including a range of theories related to learning, emotional intelligence and personal and organisation change and development.

  • Design and implement organisation-based coaching strategies and mentoring strategies and programmes, taking account of a range of contextual factors.

  • Provide skilled, professional and effective coaching and mentoring services to individuals in a range of organisational, professional and personal contexts.

  • Act ethically and professionally with a demonstrated commitment to equality of opportunity and diversity in coaching and mentoring practice and to continuous personal and professional development.

How is This Course Delivered?

You will work directly with one of our advisers as they support your development with one-to-one guidance tailored to your individual learning needs. Candidates will also have access to materials and resources on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

How is This Course Assessed?

We are also flexible in the way we assess you. You can either complete an assignment or use one of work-based evidence templates.

Course no longer available

Please click below for details about a suitable alternative.

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