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Unit details

  • Core unit
  • Level 5
  • 7 credits

A CIPD Intermediate qualification in HR Management is aimed at existing and aspiring HR or Learning and Development Managers and will help you develop an understanding of how HR contributes to business success.

We have supported candidates through to successful completion at all levels of CIPD qualification since 2004. In addition, we have extensive experience in guiding candidates through various study options as well as advising on CIPD membership upgrade and providing HR consultancy services.

We consistently achieve the highest CIPD Quality Assurance rating and are one of only very few CIPD centres approved to offer competency based assessment (mixed mode) qualifications.

Boost your HR knowledge and skills to evaluate the effectiveness of different HR models and practices

The level 5 qualification, which is set at the level of a University degree is ideal for all those currently employed in advisory level roles who would like to develop HR Management skills.

Flexibility and Control of Your Learning

High quality learning at your pace, anywhere, anytime, with ongoing support from a personal adviser

Choosing the right qualification can be a bit daunting but we are here to help you select the correct path. Our expert advisers know everything there is to know about CIPD qualifications and can help every step of the way.

We work hard to ensure candidates are matched to the correct qualification and then work with you to help achieve your ultimate goal.

To support your learning, you will have 24/7 access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a comprehensive online library of quality reference materials. Created, curated and managed by experienced HR practitioners, it provides a single robust, secure and integrated platform to access a personalised learning experience.

My experience of Reed Learning is extremely positive. It is a very professional organisation and I received a high level of service. Communication is excellent and whenever I had a query or needed more information I had someone who could help me.

Michael Dawkins

As soon as I started speaking to my personal adviser I realised that she knew her stuff like the back of her hand and this gave me confidence. We arranged our Skype calls every three to four weeks before an assignment when I would be squirrelling down notes but there was also communication through email when she would always respond quickly. She was totally supportive.

Matt Griffiths

Choose your - Level 5 Award Modules

You are able to undertake an Intermediate Award in HR by taking one or more units, totalling 3-12 credits.

Award Modules - Credits
  1. Developing professional practice (5DVP) – understanding of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by human resources professionals. 4 credits

  2. Business issues and the contexts of human resources (5CHR) – Understand developments in the business and external contexts which HR operates. 6 credits

  3. Using information in human resources (5UIN) – Present a viable and realistic case for improvement based on work-based research and good practice. 4 credits

  4. Managing and coordinating the HR function (5HRF) – (only mandatory for Diploma) HR’s role in the management of the employment relationship, demonstrating the value HR adds to organisations. 6 credits

  5. Resourcing and talent planning (5RST) – Supporting sustained organisation performance through attracting, retaining and, managing employee departure. 6 credits

  6. Reward management (5RMT) – The context that drives reward strategies and policies, including labour market, industrial, geographical and sector trends, in pay. 6 credits

  7. Improving organisational performance (5IVP) – Involving line managers in sustained organisational performance by creating a high-performance work organisation. 6 credits

  8. Employee engagement (5ENG) – Components of employee engagement and how high levels of engagement can be secured and sustained within an organisation. 6 credits

  9. Contemporary developments in employee relations (5DER) – Understand developments that influence the management of the employment relationship in organisations. 6 credits

  10. Employment law (5EML) – Introduce areas of employment legislation, the employment law system, and ways in which HR activities are subjected to regulation. 6 credits

  11. Organisation design: implications of HR (5ODG) – Understanding how to ensure that an organisation is designed to deliver sustainable organisation performance. 3 credits

  12. Organisational development: implications for HR (5ODT) – Exploring how to enable sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people. 3 credits

  13. HR service delivery (5SDL) – Understand how different HR service delivery models contribute to facilitating and supporting sustained organisational performance. 3 credits

Proven and Personalised Study Routes


Programme duration: 3 months

We offer an online delivery method for all our Awards, which is perfect for those who prefer to learn at their own pace from home, an office or even on the move while commuting. Our Virtual learning Environment (VLE) can be accessed at any time, and gives you a wide range of learning materials You will also have one to one sessions with your personal adviser over Skype or phone during the working week to provide extra support and help you with your unit and assignment.

Price: £500 + £45* + VAT

Note: The price shown above is for each unit.

*Reed Learning CIPD Registration. You will also be required to pay for CIPD student membership (contact CIPD for current pricing information).

A Typical Candidate Journey: Online Programme

Online Programme - Intermediate Award

  • 1 webinar - An induction webinar via Skype or Zoom

  • 2 one-to-one sessions - Live sessions with your adviser via Skype or Zoom

  • 1 piece of written work - You will submit written work that are assessed by our experts and verified by CIPD external verifiers

  • 0 written exams - There are no exams at Intermediate level

  • 24/7 VLE access - To support your learning, you will have access to our comprehensive online library of quality reference materials

Typical Candidate Journey
  1. Reed Learning Induction - Online induction with an expert tutor

  2. One-to-one - Live meeting with your personal adviser

  3. VLE access - Guided reading, access to the VLE throughout your programme duration

  4. Written work - draft submission and assessment

  5. One-to-one - Feedback from your personal adviser

  6. Written work - Final submission and assessment

  7. One-to-one - Feedback from your personal adviser

  8. Congratulations - You've passed! CIPD will now send your Award

Course no longer available

Please click below for details about a suitable alternative.

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