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Unit details

  • Core unit
  • Level 7
  • 15 credits

What will you learn

You will plan a business research project including examination of themes that would add value to the organisation. Critical evaluation of key publications and terms of reference will be undertaken, and a range of questions established to support the project focus and developed outcomes. You will distinguish between primary and secondary data, conduct cost and benefit analysis, and research ethical issues around data collection for your project. You will design an appropriate strategy for analysing and organising your data and finally develop conclusions and business-focused recommendations as an outcome of the project and reflect on how you could improve future project design and delivery.

 This module is suitable for persons who:

  • are experienced people practitioners

  • are working in a senior people practice role and wish to extend and deepen their skills and understanding to shape strategy, policy and people

  • wish to shape people practice, creating value for a wider audience

  • are currently leading and managing people and practice within organisations.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit, learners will be able to:

  • Be able to plan a people practice business research project aimed at adding organisational value.

  • Be able to justify the most appropriate research methods to collect data for the chosen project.

  • Be able to analyse data to make decisions and provide business and people management insights.

  • Be able to propose recommendations based on conclusions derived from the research and analysis.

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